The Vaccine Cancer Connection

“You cannot solve a problem with the same mindset that has created it.”   

This website blog shows supporting evidence proving how vaccines are helping to propagate cancer and many other diseases through the use of contaminated cell lines starting in the very birth of virology.

Human cell lines, and animal cell lines, and a mixture of the two have been widely used in laboratory-based research, especially in the research and production of vaccines and in the research of cancer.  A significant proportion of this research is misleading, because the cell lines being used are of a different origin to that being claimed. Cross-contamination of cell lines is a grave and chronic longstanding problem and a repeated and frequent cause of scientific misrepresentation, as well as a way to spread disease. Vaccines are actually implicated in most common diseases today, including cancer.

My findings are not of the conspiracy nature, but one mostly of the scientific evidence and collected evidence that supports my theory from the pharmaceutical medical initiators themselves.  If you just look, most of this terribly disturbing information is readily available to the public in plain view. The Vaccine and Cancer Industry, I now see, are one in the same. I feel understanding cell line contamination, especially regarding HeLa cells, is a crucial piece to this understanding, so I am spreading the word far and wide to all who will hear and I strongly encourage  you to research as much as you can too. Also, see the link on this site entitled: “Sites/Movies/Books” to find many others who also understand the grave consequences of cell line contamination of which is being ignored entirely from the criminals touting vaccinations.

    Every article or website posted here in this blog is supporting evidence  that vaccines and virology have been created from contaminated cell lines perpetuating and causing cancer in humans since before the 1950’s and still this terrible injustice to humanity continues today because the accepted research we have been relying on is actually false and void.  And I want to highlight the point that polio vaccine (which introduced the SV40 CANCER VIRUS) used HeLa cells. These HeLa cells  were the first ever cloned human cancer cell and trillions upon trillions of these IMMORTAL cancer cells were used in research for innumerable research projects as well as in vaccines, gene mapping and cloning projects.  This HeLa cell line is known as a laboratory ‘weed’ and has gotten out of control and has contaminated research and vaccinations globally and have completely invalidated what we assumed was reputable medical science which actually turns out to be scientific fraud.  And this SV40 Cancer Virus was only ONE of the many polyomaviruses that vaccines are spreading! (Study about SV40 !!)

A leader in speaking out about cell line contamination is Dr. Walter Anthony Nelson-Rees who I have highlighted in this blog.  Dr. Rees ran the National Cancer Institute’s Cell Culture Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley. Unfortunately, Dr. Rees passed away in 2009 and much of his incredible work has been ‘swept under the rug’, but many of his research findings have been documented here in this blog. This blog is also an attempt to preserve his vision and continue to spread his, and his colleagues, work to all who will listen.  A book entitled: A Conspiracy of Cells: One Woman’s Immortal Legacy (HeLa) and the Medical Scandal it Caused – written by Michael Gold documents Dr. Nelson-Rees work and clearly shines a light on the scientific fraud vaccines are built upon. I think if we can follow this work and follow the contaminated cell lines it will be very telling. (And remember, start from the point of the HeLa cells.)

With the cancer epidemic rising each moment, I intend to help people awaken to the fact virology and many cell research projects calling themselves science  do not deserve our blind trust and vaccines are absolutely not safe and are in fact spreading the cancer virus and documented other viruses. We have been lied to about what cancer actually is and we have been lied to about vaccines being safe and for our public health.

‘A vaccination is a contaminated injection of neurotoxins, retroviruses and foreign animal proteins.’

Here I show the facts that we have been severely lied to in the biggest medical scandal in history. Its with a great amount of clarity, and profound sadness,  I bring you this ‘vaccine cancer connection’ information today.


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As Gandhi said “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you and then you win”